The Problem with America

The problem with America isn’t straight white men; it’s straight white religious wealthy racist men and women who’ve convinced low-income, middle-class, and upper-middle-class white people that they’re better than other races. Hating each other because of race distracts us from the ruling class’s stranglehold over our government and every citizen.

Yes, George Washington was straight, white, and male, but he was also Warren-Buffet-level-rich and designed our country to benefit him and other land-owning white men that were anti-Catholic Protestants, in favor of limited rights for women, and bigoted toward Black, Irish, Italian, and Native Americans (at minimum). As the great-great-grandson of Catholic Italian immigrants, I believe that continuing to weaponize white guilt blanketly will keep America broken. As a straight white male who treats people based on the content of their character, doesn’t come from generational wealth, and finds religious dogma stale, I would like to say that not all white people have the same privilege. Again, not all white people have the same privilege.

The inheritance of America’s racism is an albatross around the neck of every citizen outside of the ruling class; it has hung around like rotten cologne, and if we want to remove the stench, maybe we need to specify who owns the dump.

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